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Intelligent Hauntings

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Intelligent Hauntings

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Cathy

An intelligent haunting is like a person is trying to get you to notice them but you cannot see them. They activity occurs at different times of the day and has no discernible pattern of occurence. They can move about the environment freely and even move from one location to another. For whatever reason there are also intelligent hauntings that happen within a small area as if they are attached by an invisible chain to a spot. That spot can be attached to an object, person or place. The activity can be nice like the smell of your grandpa’s cologne or bad but for most of the living the activity is scary either way.

We believe a person after death may not pass into the light for various reasons which include free will. Perhaps they feel that they have unfinished business like telling a loved one of an injustice done to them. Maybe they don’t even realize they are no longer alive because a car accident happened and they died in an instant. Sometimes they cannot go into the light because they don’t want let go of the living. For others they may fear of the other side or judgment.

When a person dies they continue to have the same personality that they had while they were alive. Think of the movie “Ghost” where Sam was a really nice guy who obviously continued to be a nice guy. He was hanging around trying to warn Molly about the danger that she was in. If a person was mean while alive they will continue to be mean after death. Many people think of negative activity as if it were a demon but it can just be a bad person. Demonic activity has certain hallmark features that will differentiate it from a regular “run of the mill” haunting.

A good example of an intelligent haunting is the Bell Witch case in Adams, Tennessee which occurred from 1817 until 1821. The haunting began when John Bell had an encounter with a strange animal in a cornfield that looked like a dog and a rabbit which disappeared when he shot at it. The activity then started in earnest which included knocking, rapping noises, scratching sounds, blankets pulled from beds, people were scratched and hair pulling. John’s daughter Elizabeth got the brunt of much of the activity where she was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with pins. The activity was also witnessed by many people some of whom would come and camp out at on the property. The Bell Witch was so well known that General Andrew Jackson who would later become president came for a visit and had his own personal experiences.

Signs of an intelligent haunting. All of these events occur at different times of the day and have no discernible pattern of occurence.

  • Objects can disappear and then reappear in impossible places over some period of time
  • Unexplained cold/hot spots
  • Strange and unexplained sounds or voices
  • Furniture and small objects are moved
  • Objects or furniture sometimes can be thrown
  • Doors, windows and cabinets open, close or are slammed unlocked/locked
  • Lights, televisions, radios and faucets turn on and off on their own
  • Unexplained smells or the feeling of being touched
  • Strong sense of a presence including the feeling of being watched

If you have activity going on where you believe you have a haunting whether it is intelligent, residual or demonic in nature please feel free to contact the Society of The Haunted

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