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Time for Change

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Time for Change

Posted on 25 August 2012 by Cathy

Change is inevitable and is the one thing you can always count on!

After a move by own of our team members to Maryland our group decided several weeks ago to go in separate directions. As you know by now, I moved to Houston a few years ago and started my own team at the time. I have been the case manager for both areas and commuting back and forth to Oklahoma to investigate as well as going out with my team in Texas. Right now it just makes better sense for us to have separate teams. It is hard logistically to be all over the country trying to control what one team does in another area. We have different methodologies and beliefs but all got along very well. We are all good friends and will remain so. I am looking forward to a new era of investigations.

So without much ado, I would like to introduce our new name Woodlands Paranormal. I started working on the website about a week ago and had so much on my plate with a conference and a trip to Indiana that I was not able to get much done on the new site. Be patient as I add information. Don’t forget to check from time to time to see what we are up to. We are the same team with a new name

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Want to go ghost hunting?

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Want to go ghost hunting?

Posted on 30 October 2011 by Cathy









Now is your chance to go investigating for yourself with the Society of the Haunted! We are holding a public event! This was the place where we caught a disembodied voice singing a song. I posted an article about evps which include this song. Go check it out here

From Wimgo website
Today’s Deal: $20 for Paranormal Investigation with Society of the Haunted ($40 Value)

Paranormal stories form an important part of a town’s history, explaining why locals shy away from a particular mansion and who is collecting people’s recycling on alternate Wednesdays. Investigate unexplained phenomena with today’s Wimgo Deal: for $20, get a ticket to a paranormal investigation and tour on November 4 with Society of the Haunted, a $40 value.

Society of the Haunted has over 25 years combined experience and have appeared on Animal Planet’s The Haunted television show. On November 4 from 8 p.m. to midnight, join the Society on an investigation and tour of Hennessey’s historic Ranch Room, originally built in 1893. Skeptics and believers alike will tour the saloon, investigating and learning techniques from real paranormal investigators. Together, you’ll use specialized equipment to try to track down any apparitions or unnatural occurrences during a fun and potentially hair-raising evening.

With only 20 available tickets, capture today’s Wimgo Deal before it disappears into thin air.

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