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Bear Creek Park

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Bear Creek Park

Posted on 31 August 2011 by Cathy

I had heard that the area around Bear Creek Park in Houston, Texas is haunted. So I began to research and see what I could find out about the location. I love how history and rumors get caught up with one another where you have difficulty finding the truth. One problem I had with research was another paranormal team had posted something online about a civil war battle taking place in this park. I cannot confirm this story is true. There are tales that north Harris County did see skirmishes. Perhaps one of these stories is where the rumor began. Tall tales can begin their life with a thread of truth somewhere in the mix. Perhaps the town of Addicks which was destroyed in the 1900 storm and was rebuilt only to be flooded again is the cause of the haunting? Addicks was eventually turned into a ghost town and became a reservoir because of the flooding in 1929 as well as 1931. I tried to find where the old town of Addicks was located and even had difficulty with that. There is conflicting information about the location. One map online points to the area by the blue light cemetery and another place says the town was south of I-10 and highway 6.

Bear Creek

This area is famous even with all the conflicting information. Over the years teams from all over have gone out and investigated the claim of a haunting. We were there last Saturday to find out for ourselves. What we did know from all of the previous investigations is that tapping occurs when you stop on the bridge on Patterson road. Is the tapping from acorns falling from the tree, real ghostly encounters or the car cooling off? There happens to be 2 bridges along this stretch of road. We decided to test both bridges with the vehicle as well as our other equipment. We heard the tapping on the bear creek bridge. I couldn’t figure out what the tapping was caused from. It was a hot 87 degrees while we were there taking readings. I did not get any meter activations at all that night. I did have one of my temp devices register a cold spot a few times that couldn’t be explained. One member was able to feel a cold spot as well before I started taking readings. We had an occasional car pass. We had a good time hanging out while waiting for any activity to happen. Nothing happened but that doesn’t mean we didn’t capture something. Be on the lookout for me to post evidence if we find any.

Go see the Bear Creek Park Gallery here

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Dick Duck Cemetery

Posted on 18 May 2011 by Cathy

We always stop by Buford “Blue” Duck’s grave along with those of his family. I will give you some history of this famous outlaw below. Near Blue’s grave are a series of headstones marked with half breed which is just sad to me. I cannot imagine being around in those days with the cruelty that was shown towards people with mixed heritage. We have investigated this cemetery several times over the years. Every time we have been there we have had something happen. This night was an especially great night. The cemetery was lit up my the setting moon which was almost full. We all watched shadows move and dart about the cemetery between the trees and headstones. I saw what appeared to be a child who disappeared. We heard what sounded like a group of people come into the cemetery and head towards where we were standing however there was nothing else in the cemetery. One of our members watched a child bicycle across an area that would have been impossible to do and disappear. I have captured photographic evidence in the past and was hoping to collect more. Over the years we have captured evps and photos. We have had meter activations, cold spots, audible voices and personal experiences.

One famous person is buried in the cemetery. This is the grave we always stop by when we investigate there. Bluford “Blue” Duck was born sometime early 1800’s and died 1895 In Cherokee Blue Duck’s name was Sha-con-gah. Blue Duck was said to have been a member of a gang who was involved in stage coach holdups and rustling. It was said he had an affair with Myra Maybelle Shirley also known as Belle Starr in the late 1870’s.She married Sam Starr instead of Blue.The new couple formed their own gang and Blue joined them. They were involved in cattle rustling, horse stealing and bootlegging whiskey to the Indians. One day on June 23 1884 Blue Duck and William Christie were both drunk riding in the Flint District of the Cherokee Nation. For whatever reason they decided to ride up on Samuel Wyrick a young farmer who was working in his field. Blue Duck emptied his revolver into the man. He then reloaded shot towards an Indian boy hitting his horse instead. Duck and Christie were both arrested for the killing by Deputy US Marshal Frank Cochran. Duck was sentenced by infamous Judge Parker to be hanged on July 23, 1886. Christie was cleared of the charge and let go. Blue Duck got an appeal due to the help of Belle Starr. His sentence was commuted to life in prison. He was sent to Menard Penitentiary at Chester, Illinois Oct 16, 1866 as Inmate # 2486. He developed consumption also known as tuberculosis and was given one month to live in 1895. President Cleveland pardoned him on March 20th where he returned home to die. On May 7, 1895 he died. You can find his stone in section D not far from what looks like a dog house. Blue Duck posed for what is a widely publicized photograph of himself with Belle Starr. Author and historian Glenn Shirley, in “Belle Starr and Her Times”, stated that Marcum had hoped to call attention to his client by having him photographed with Belle Starr.

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Counting My Blessings

Posted on 02 April 2011 by Cathy

My friend Mike said in his blog post last Tuesday that he needed to recover and I too needed recovery time. Last weekend was spent with me driving to Oklahoma to investigate 4 different locations and then driving back to Houston. I love how dedicated everyone on my team is to this field. We spend so much time together we really are members of a family. We know each other so well we can finish each others sentences and even order food/drinks for each other without asking. It is a good thing we all like each other because we spend much of our free time being
together. I think that because we have all had encounters in the paranormal that we appreciate life in a way that many people do not. We know what is out there because we have experienced it. We definitely take time to smell the roses and count our blessings.

Last weekend was a blessing in several ways. We were treated to dinner by a long time client and friends who we consider to be part of the family. We all listened as he told us he believed we saved his life. To this client what was happening in their life was so bad they believed it was affecting their health to the point where if it had continued they would not be alive. We were just happy that we could help.

We were treated to experiences on several of the investigations. We got meter activations, shadows, unexplained noises and cold spots. This was a great weekend for experiences! It is always great to have something happen when we investigate but most of the time there is nothing that happens. The TV shows don’t show the nothingness. They want you to tune in week after week so every noise becomes something with meaning rather than explainable reasons.

We spent the time driving between the locations laughing at random things. Usually this is the case as we have members who have a great sense of humor. I think Mike caught video several times with us laughing which I am sure he will share sometime. With all the laughter, friendships, food and experiences I had a wonderful time. I always have a wonderful time with the group even if the investigation turns up nothing.


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