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Intelligent Hauntings

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Intelligent Hauntings

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Cathy

An intelligent haunting is like a person is trying to get you to notice them but you cannot see them. They activity occurs at different times of the day and has no discernible pattern of occurence. They can move about the environment freely and even move from one location to another. For whatever reason there are also intelligent hauntings that happen within a small area as if they are attached by an invisible chain to a spot. That spot can be attached to an object, person or place. The activity can be nice like the smell of your grandpa’s cologne or bad but for most of the living the activity is scary either way.

We believe a person after death may not pass into the light for various reasons which include free will. Perhaps they feel that they have unfinished business like telling a loved one of an injustice done to them. Maybe they don’t even realize they are no longer alive because a car accident happened and they died in an instant. Sometimes they cannot go into the light because they don’t want let go of the living. For others they may fear of the other side or judgment.

When a person dies they continue to have the same personality that they had while they were alive. Think of the movie “Ghost” where Sam was a really nice guy who obviously continued to be a nice guy. He was hanging around trying to warn Molly about the danger that she was in. If a person was mean while alive they will continue to be mean after death. Many people think of negative activity as if it were a demon but it can just be a bad person. Demonic activity has certain hallmark features that will differentiate it from a regular “run of the mill” haunting.

A good example of an intelligent haunting is the Bell Witch case in Adams, Tennessee which occurred from 1817 until 1821. The haunting began when John Bell had an encounter with a strange animal in a cornfield that looked like a dog and a rabbit which disappeared when he shot at it. The activity then started in earnest which included knocking, rapping noises, scratching sounds, blankets pulled from beds, people were scratched and hair pulling. John’s daughter Elizabeth got the brunt of much of the activity where she was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with pins. The activity was also witnessed by many people some of whom would come and camp out at on the property. The Bell Witch was so well known that General Andrew Jackson who would later become president came for a visit and had his own personal experiences.

Signs of an intelligent haunting. All of these events occur at different times of the day and have no discernible pattern of occurence.

  • Objects can disappear and then reappear in impossible places over some period of time
  • Unexplained cold/hot spots
  • Strange and unexplained sounds or voices
  • Furniture and small objects are moved
  • Objects or furniture sometimes can be thrown
  • Doors, windows and cabinets open, close or are slammed unlocked/locked
  • Lights, televisions, radios and faucets turn on and off on their own
  • Unexplained smells or the feeling of being touched
  • Strong sense of a presence including the feeling of being watched

If you have activity going on where you believe you have a haunting whether it is intelligent, residual or demonic in nature please feel free to contact the Society of The Haunted

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Catching EVP’s

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Catching EVP’s

Posted on 03 October 2011 by Cathy

There is really something chilling about capturing an evp (electronic voice phenomenon) when you know that there is no way anyone could have been recorded at the time. It is just amazing to me when I capture one that seems to be trying to communicate with us. One theory is that radio waves bounce back and somehow are able to be picked up by the recorder. How does this explain a disembodied voice responding to a conversation in an appropriate way?

Some evps are just random for no apparent reason. The other night the group went out to a location previously never investigated before and captured someone singing Hello my darling hello my honey hello my ragtime gal. How random is that? It was loud as if a radio had turned on but with just the voice and no music playing along with it.

Listen  singing Hello my darling hello my honey hello my ragtime gal

In July we were in Galveston at an old cemetery. Just a few of us were in the cemetery when we captured several evps. This was the second time we have been out to this cemetery. We were getting hits on the meter while investigating. Some felt cold spots and head whispers. We were able to catch 19 evp. Here are some of the audio clips

1. One of the best evps is in this particular audio clip. We had gone from one side of the cemetery to another and something decided to say “my side”

Listen  My side

2. I am handing Jordan one of our meters and do not want her to drop it so I say  “Don’t drop it”. We get an evp repeating “don’t drop it” right after I tell her

Listen Don’t drop it

3. In between the meter going off and Jordan asking what happened why is it red we capture an evp asking “What happened”

Listen What Happened

4. I think they were trying to get our attention by saying hi

Listen  Hi

5. All I can understand in this is “can’t help”

Listen  Can’t help

6. This was a strange evp to catch …. zip

Listen  Zip

7. I think we were being followed this night by a few spirits. They said ” hey lets go” perhaps because they saw us getting ready to leave

Listen  Hey lets go

8.  We were leaving when we captured this evp that says :Get out of the way”

Listen  Get out of the way

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Keep up we are going to have a test

Posted on 22 September 2011 by Cathy

That test is going to be a doosey! Yesterday I posted an article about life being a gift. This gift is wonderful, sad, scary and amazing. There are emotions and so many questions that come up  when you think about life. Two examples I can think of off the top of my head are why are we here and what am I going to accomplish while here?  I believe in the concept that life is but a moment so make the most out of it. This does not mean party til you drop. Life has a much deeper meaning, don’t you think? No matter what your religious background everyone has the believe or hope in life after death. If we are here for a brief period of time and life goes on after we die then maybe we should all be thinking that life could be a test.

Speaking of tests my dad used to say keep up we are going to have a test. I have memories of him saying that all the time. As a child I actually thought we were going to be taking a test on what I didn’t know.  He also used to say “did you hear the frog “when he would pass gas. In my childlike mind I believed him and would look for the frog while he was laughing. One day I remember riding in the back of the car watching my dad drive. He wanted to drive this day even though he was very sick. We were going to the hospital where he would have surgery for colon cancer. Trying to make the situation light I asked him when are we ever going to take “that test.” He just laughed at my little joke. I was thinking we have been taking that test the whole time. That was the last time I would ever sit behind my dad watching him drive.

If you were to be forced to sit and examine your life right now would you like what you see? Why wait for a traumatic experience to make you realize life is fleeting? Why not live every day as if it were the last day of your life. Be proud of what you have done. If you are not proud, change things. Grab the bull by the horns and take charge of your life. You are the master of your own fate and the captain of your own destiny. Make it happen!

Go read a fascinating account of examining your life called file cabinets

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Old Town Spring

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Old Town Spring

Posted on 11 September 2011 by Cathy

trainToday Old Town Spring is a shopping destination. This lovely turn of the century town just north of Houston has an interesting past. Life began here in the early 1800’s when the French and Spanish came to trade with the local Indians. After the Civil War the railroad came through. A group of railroad workers named the area “Camp Spring” after one of the worst winters in Texas history because they were looking forward to better weather. Camp Spring was then platted by the I. & G.N. Railroad Co. and became a permanent settlement. The word “Camp” was dropped where Spring became the official name of the town. It was the base of operation for the workers and became a boom town from all the business the railroad brought in. Spring became a crossroads for two intersecting rail lines in 1901. The yard then added a roundhouse and 14 track yards of track. During the years of growth Spring had sugar mill for syrup making. two cotton gins, 5 saloons, an opera house, hospital, two steam saw and grist mills, bank, hotels, three churches, several schools and even had a gambling hall.

The decline came when the railroad headquarters moved to Houston in 1923. Prohibition and the depression then happened as well which forced businesses to close. The town was then reduced all the way down to a small settlement. In the late 60′ business minded individuals started to return to all the abandoned homes. The Goodyear airship America was also based here from 1969 through 1992. The Oil boom which began in the 70’s then made the town grow and become what it is today.

It is now known as a shopping destination! Old Town Spring also has museums, art galleries and restaurants all within an easy stroll from one another. People from all over the world come to visit. The town has several festivals and events every year like the Texas Crawfish & Music Festival. The town is also voted one of the top attractions in Texas each year

Old town Spring is also affectionately known as the most haunted town in Texas. Paranormal groups and television crews have visited to catch evidence of the reported activity. The many stories of spirits bring in people from all over looking to have their own experience with a ghost. I will share a few of the ghost stories with you. One about the bank and one about a spirit named Sarah

The original bank of Spring was robbed several times including once by a couple resembling Bonnie and Clyde. It was never confirmed that they were in fact the famous duo. Current ghost tours all tell the story as if it is a fact though. Today you can see bullet holes in the banks facade from one of the attempted robberies. That particular attempt was made by a trio of felons however they were unsuccessful. Photos taken in the old bank sometimes have strange anomalies.

SarahThere is a spirit named Sarah who is said to haunt one area in town. The original barn is still on the property which was once owned by Henry C. Doering. His daughter was friends with a 12-year-old girl named Sarah. Long ago while playing in the barn Sarah fell from the loft breaking her leg. An infection set in which caused her death within a few weeks. It is said she still plays in the barn along with some other young spirits. People report cold spots, noises on the roof, the feeling of being watched, objects are moved, hearing voices and the sounds of children playing. Photos taken in the area sometimes contain an anomaly in them that cannot be explained.

Go check out the photo gallery for Old Town Spring

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Bear Creek Park

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Bear Creek Park

Posted on 31 August 2011 by Cathy

I had heard that the area around Bear Creek Park in Houston, Texas is haunted. So I began to research and see what I could find out about the location. I love how history and rumors get caught up with one another where you have difficulty finding the truth. One problem I had with research was another paranormal team had posted something online about a civil war battle taking place in this park. I cannot confirm this story is true. There are tales that north Harris County did see skirmishes. Perhaps one of these stories is where the rumor began. Tall tales can begin their life with a thread of truth somewhere in the mix. Perhaps the town of Addicks which was destroyed in the 1900 storm and was rebuilt only to be flooded again is the cause of the haunting? Addicks was eventually turned into a ghost town and became a reservoir because of the flooding in 1929 as well as 1931. I tried to find where the old town of Addicks was located and even had difficulty with that. There is conflicting information about the location. One map online points to the area by the blue light cemetery and another place says the town was south of I-10 and highway 6.

Bear Creek

This area is famous even with all the conflicting information. Over the years teams from all over have gone out and investigated the claim of a haunting. We were there last Saturday to find out for ourselves. What we did know from all of the previous investigations is that tapping occurs when you stop on the bridge on Patterson road. Is the tapping from acorns falling from the tree, real ghostly encounters or the car cooling off? There happens to be 2 bridges along this stretch of road. We decided to test both bridges with the vehicle as well as our other equipment. We heard the tapping on the bear creek bridge. I couldn’t figure out what the tapping was caused from. It was a hot 87 degrees while we were there taking readings. I did not get any meter activations at all that night. I did have one of my temp devices register a cold spot a few times that couldn’t be explained. One member was able to feel a cold spot as well before I started taking readings. We had an occasional car pass. We had a good time hanging out while waiting for any activity to happen. Nothing happened but that doesn’t mean we didn’t capture something. Be on the lookout for me to post evidence if we find any.

Go see the Bear Creek Park Gallery here

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Black Hope Curse

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Black Hope Curse

Posted on 03 August 2011 by Cathy

Here is the story behind the Newport edition you have been waiting for. In the year that the movie Poltergeist came out on the big screen there was another similar drama playing out in a town in Texas. In the early 1980 a new housing edition went in called Newport. Sam and Judith Haney purchased a home in the Newport area of Houston. The family decided to have a swimming pool put in the back yard. As they began to get started an elderly black man showed up out of nowhere and told them that they was about to dig up human remains. The reason he gave them this information was that he knew they were buried because he had seen them years before. They decided the old man was crazy and started digging for the pool anyway. As they were digging the two bodies were just where the old man said they were. Scared they began doing research and found a man named Jasper Norton who as a young man had worked as a gravedigger. Norton told the Haney’s that their home and the surrounding houses were built on top of an old cemetery called Black Hope. He also told them that most of the deceased were former slaves.

They found out that last burial had occurred 1939 and that there as many as 60 people were in graves. Norton identified the two people buried in the Haney’s backyard as Betty and Charlie Thomas who former slaves. They had died sometime during the thirties. As they lived in their house the activity became more negative. They heard disembodied voices, an unplugged clock in the began shooting sparks and glowing, sliding glass door open but there was nobody there and the door was locked. The next morning after to door incident Judith couldn’t find her red shoes. When she finally located them they were outside miraculously sitting side by side on top of Betty’s grave. They also realized that the date was Betty’s birthday.

Unable to keep all of the information to themselves they had a neighborhood meeting. They found out neighbors whose houses were built on top of the abandoned cemetery also had all kinds of activity. They reported lights, televisions/water faucets turning on and off, unearthly sounds and apparitions. Sam and Judith decided right then to fight back. They sued the developer for not disclosing that their home was built over a cemetery. They won and were awarded $142,000 by a jury. The judge ruled on legal grounds that the developers were not liable and reversed the decision. He then ordered the Haney’s to pay $50,000 in court costs. Unable to pay and plagued with health problems they were frightened of remaining in their house. They made the decision to file bankruptcy and abandoned their home.

One of the other families lived right across the street with similar problems to the Haney’s. Ben and Jean Williams lived there with their young granddaughter named Carli. They reported activity that the house was cold year round, the feeling of being watched, toilets flushed by themselves as well as the garage door and other household appliances would operate on their own. They even had rectangular sinkholes open up in the yard and for whatever reason they couldn’t be filled in. As soon as she thought she would have the problem solved the sinkholes would reappear within a few days. Another oddity was Jean couldn’t get any new plants to live on the property even though she always had a green thumb. On their property they noticed strange markings on an old oak tree by the sinkholes. It was an arrow pointed downward with two horizontal slash marks beneath it. They attended the meeting and discovered their lovely home was built over the cemetery. As they began to research a long time resident of the area told them he had marked the tree as a way to identify where his two sisters were buried. The activity began to increase and they would hear phantom footsteps in the hall, an apparition hovering over them when they slept and six members of their extended family were diagnosed with different cancers where three of them died within that year.

The Haney’s were not the only family to try legal recourse. They were all told that without definitive proof of a cemetery on their property nothing could be done. Ben and Jean Williams decided to prove their home was built over a cemetery. So Jean began to dig in one of the sinkholes beneath the oak. When she became overwhelmed from exhaustion to her daughter Tina took over. After digging for about a half-hour Tina collapsed and was dead 2 days later. Jean was convinced their desecration of a grave had precipitated their daughter’s death. They decided to leave no matter what it cost them. The loss they already experienced was more than they could bear. They abandoned their house and escaped to Montana. After a period of time passed they later moved back to Texas.

Subsequent owners of their homes say they have noticed no unusual activity. They seem content to live in the houses even with the negative history. Would you buy a home here? If you google the story you will find some people report activity and some say they never experienced anything. The fire department will tell you there are more alarms that go off in the part of the neighborhood that covers the cemetery. Do you think some people are more sensitive than others and this is why the new owners do not have activity? Do you think that the Williams or the Haney’s would make up such activity to give them a reason to loose all the money they had invested in their homes? These are some the same types of questions my group puts to the test every day as we deal with homeowners. Is it real or imagined? Can we find evidence to back up the claims? I spent time in Newport on several occasions. I can tell you that the area has a strange vibe to it for me. The woods have shadows that dart about even when nobody is there. I believe the place to be haunted. I will be uploading photos and other evidence I collected while there in the future.

Go see the Black Hope photo gallery here

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Haunted Swimming

Posted on 03 August 2011 by Cathy

I have had so many responses to posting an article on swimming in the Newport edition. Although you do not hear many stories of haunted swimming pools they do exists. I have previously posted an article about swimming in Lake Ronkonkoma on Long Island. This is a fantastic spot for investigating. Now let me share with you some other locations.

The Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton, Illinois has many stories. The old staff had heard unexplained sounds which include music playing, glassed tinkling, voices and laughter around the pool which is located in the basement. The basement area is the most haunted area of the location. There is the live ghost cam you can watch online that shows the first class swimming pool on the Queen Mary. In this very haunted location there is a little girl who can sometimes be seen holding a teddy bear. Women have often been seen wearing 1930’s swimming suits and there are reported sounds of splashing as well as wet footprints leading from the around the pool to the changing rooms.

There is a swimming pool in Scotland that renfew council owns that is known by many to have a lady in white as well as the apparition of a little boy who they believe died in the pool 80 years ago. There is a video going around that has been captured of him on video as well. They claim what you see in the video is figure of a boy floating in and out of the wall at the stairs. I believe this to be an artifact of the light that you see in the video. This does not mean the pool isn’t haunted. I just don’t believe it to be proof

In New York City there is a swimming pool in McCareen Park. The pool was built in 1936 and was able to hold up to 6,800 swimmers. It is believed this is where a little girl drowned because she is seen roaming the area at calling for help. Some people have only heard her crying for help. There are no records for a little girl drowning but there are others who have died at this location. Paranormal teams have captured temperature drops, electro magnetic fields, anomalies on videos/photos as well as EVPs.

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1960 Overpass in Humble Texas

Posted on 02 August 2011 by Cathy

[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=right]One place that is very active according to several paranormal groups is located in Humble Texas and known as the 1960 overpass. If you read through the forums online you will read that people call this area the doorway to hell. You can read the stories of businesses that have failed as a result of the activity. One place was a dollar movie theater that failed because the employees would quit after encountering what they called a demonic presence. The place shut down and has been broken into by many times by thrill seekers wanting to encounter it for themselves. Today the dollar theater has been purchased and breaking in would land you in jail if you were caught. People don’t know what the ruins are next to the cemetery behind the old dollar theater.

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=left]Through my research I found “the ruins” to be an old kerosene refinery that was closed when the need for kerosene diminished. The area is in an unincorporated part of Harris county Texas commonly known as Bordersville. Humble had decided to pass laws making the area all white and forced all people of color out of town thus Bordersville was born. It was the most poverty stricken of the whole Houston metro area. The train went through the east side and this is where residents decided to have their cemetery. The cemetery is said by some to have been moved out of the way when the railroad came through. I found that it was never moved from it’s current position. It was never cared for and had fallen into a horrible state. It is today a secluded spot where the homeless have taken shelter on and off over the years. They could jump onto a passing train or jump off and stay at this location unseen.

In the years before commerce had taken over this spot was where the area train station was located. On December 13, 1922 there was a train wreck that claimed 19 lives and injured many others. The Southern Pacific train #28 was crowded to full capacity and was bound for Shreveport when it came into the station. There was a freight train stopped on a nearby track that happened to be too close. The engineer tried to stop the train before the collision and was not able to do so. All the destruction was caused by a 2″ pipe leading from a water tender to the boiler which had been stripped of it’s mooring along side the engine. This caused the pipe to break through the windows of the passenger train which was attempting to stop. The pipe burst through the windows releasing deadly hot steam and water. This sprayed the passengers and filled up the coaches with steam causing 19 to be scalded to death. The newspapers of the day reported skin had fallen off from hands and faces and was clinging on the backs of seats, window latches and laying everywhere.

In 2008 three privileged teenagers from nearby Kingwood decided desecrate a grave. Kevin Wade Jones and Matthew Richard Gonzalez who were both 17 as well as a 16-year old dug up a grave with shovel. They removed the skull of Willie Sims from his coffin and converted it into a bong in their home. Willie was 11 years old at the time he died on September 11, 1921. The teens were charged with misdemeanor abuse of a corpse and Willie was laid to rest again. They were unable to locate any of Willies relatives to participate. This is also the same area where the body of a child was found murdered. Secluded areas are usually places for crimes to be committed. I wonder how many other things happened here that we do not know about.

Perhaps the pain from segregation, poverty, tragedy and disrespect has the spirits of the area up in arms? Many times we find activity at sites with such pain. While I was investigating I had a sense of the tragedy of the past. To me it hung around like the thick humid air.
Sometimes I will go into an area and my senses will be heightened. Many people have experienced this but don’t understand what that feeling is. Your gut tells you that you need to leave. As a paranormal investigator I wonder if there is high emf provoking this feeling. Instead of going with “fight or flight” I pull out meters to try to collect the data. If I was by myself I would go with my gut instinct and leave because I know it is possible that I had disturbed someone and they were watching me from the woods. Perhaps I had disturbed something else that I couldn’t see. I am still reviewing evidence collected and will share what I find with everyone

Go see the photo gallery for 1960 Overpass

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Haunted Lake Ronkonkoma

Posted on 01 June 2011 by Cathy

One of the places I lived as a child was on Long Island in a place called Ronkonkoma, New York. I have wonderful memories of the town. I remember enjoying the things to do in the area and spending time with great friends. One activity we had was to go to the lake. This lake had many stories attached to it which I was fascinated by. The lake was haunted by the ghost of an Indian princess. When I was in the water I never went too far out because I wondered how I would react to her touching me. One day I spent the day ice skating on the lake and wondering if she would break the ice. I was not so worried about her hurting me because the stories all really involved her needing a man or a young couple. I remember laying on my stomach on the cold ice trying to hear her or see if I could see her. It was too cold to stay like that for long. While driving along the lake I have seen a fog hanging over the lake that looked eerie. I saw lights and could not figure out if they were boats or what they were. One day while riding along Lake Shore Road from out of nowhere a dog came running into a car next to us. I was very upset until the dog got up and ran away. When I went home and told some friends about it they all said it was the lady who did it. Everyone who lives there knows the stories. Let me give you some history of the lake.

Lake Ronkonkoma is known as a kettle hole lake that was carved out by a retreating glacier 20,000 years ago. It is the largest lake on Long Island..The lake was considered the most sacred lake by the Indians and it was the meeting point between different tribes. It was settled by Europeans in the 1600s. In the 1900s there was a population explosion due to the waters of the lake being known at that time as having healing qualities. The lake was considered a resort and a place for summer homes. Today you can see evidence of the early 1900s in remnants of old resorts which can still be seen around the lake’s shore.

The lake has of a number of urban legends. There is a mysterious rise and fall of the lake that doesn’t have a relationship to local rainfall totals. There is fresh water coming in from an unknown source. With this in mind it is said that there is a tunnel that leads to Connecticut and another one that leads to Sayville New York. One tunnel is said to lead to hell. The lake been rumored to be bottomless, however it is really approximately 100 ft deep at the southeastern side. The bottom is hard to find because of the loose particles at the bottom. Piranha are said to inhabit the lake. There have been stories of people being attacked by piranha most likely from people dumping live fish into the lake that they could no longer care for. Some say the bites have to come from pike which are well known to be moderately aggressive.

The most prevalent stories concerning the lake come from the legend of “The Lady of the Lake”. In one story every year the lady calls a young man between 18 and 28 years old out to be her lover. She lures them to the middle of the lake and drowns them. The most popular story is that every year two lovers are killed by the vengeful spirit. They usually die in an automobile accident. Who is this
“Lady of the Lake”?

The lady is a Native American princess who herself drowned in the lake. Her death story varies from it being an accident to a suicide. The Native American Princess Ronkonkoma fell in love with a European settler named Hugh Birdsall. She was forbidden to pursue the relationship and was forced into an arranged marriage. The forbidden relationship however persisted. One evening she tried to swim all the way across the lake to meet her lover. On the way she suffered fatigue and drowned. One variation is that she rowed to the middle of the lake in a canoe to await her lover and when he did not come she committed suicide by drowning herself. Another variation is that he was coming to join her and drowned so she decided to join him in death because she was too overwhelmed by grief. There are several other variations to the story.

The fact is that locals and historians will claim that almost every year for 200 years someone has drowned in the lake and it is usually a male. From 1877 to 1977 there were at least 147 drownings. Another fact is 32 deaths by drowning in the lake have taken place since1963 and are all men.One lifeguard said that in 32 years of being at the lake there have been at least 30 drownings that he was aware of.

Sometimes I think about Lake Ronkonkoma. I would love to be able to go back and run the equipment that I have now to see what is there. I do believe legends are born from some truth. I know some of the facts about the lake help perpetuate the urban legend. Whether the legend is true or not the stories are fantastic to toss around a campfire! Would you go swimming in the lake now?

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Spooky Ellison Hall

Posted on 20 April 2011 by Cathy

I had the opportunity to investigate Ellison Hall on the University of Oklahoma campus. It was a great night for things that go bump in the night. I did not do any research on the property prior to going just to see what it was like first. Mike gave some information on the way to the investigation about a child who had been injured rollerskating and was taken to the infirmary. He had apparently died as a result of his injuries and is aid to haunt the location by rollerskating down the halls. I was looking forward to see if I could hear the skating.

We did a walk through of the building to see where everything was and where we wanted to concentrate our efforts. We then began to investigate and things began to happen. There was a strange energy on the third floor. While I was there I felt sadness and that there was pain. I kept getting images of crude equipment that didn’t make sense. Vanessa looked like she was almost in tears. We then went to the second floor and spread out more. The end of the building I was on I noticed a light in the bathroom come on which was verified by Logan. I went in to see who or what was in the bathroom and did not find anything. Across the hall from the bathroom I kept hearing papers shuffling and what sounded like a chair sliding into a new position. It was as if someone was working late. We then moved to the first floor and I did not notice anything of significance. After a period of time we then moved down into the basement and spread out. I decided I wanted to be by the door to the underground. Vanessa had expressed a sense of of something not right about the area. She also expressed that she would not go in there for any reason so naturally my interest was there. While some people would run from a place they have been told is evil I feel the need to spend quality time there. Call me dangerous but I have to do what I feel compelled to do. I did not feel anything while I was there. I did love being in the damp basement with its very familiar smell. The memories kept creeping in my head of blackberry jam covered in dust sitting on a shelf somewhere. There was no jam to be found. We decided to take a break. Chris then explained it was an infirmary which I knew from what Mike had said earlier. Then it was made clear that the whole building served that purpose. So that explained the pain and sadness of the third floor to me.

We continued investigating through the night. As the evening progressed the third floor had the most activity. On the end of the hall where I was between Logan and I we started hearing a knocking at random intervals. I placed a meter by where the sounds were coming from to see if we would get any activations. We did not get anything from the meter at all which was disappointing. We did however continue to hear the noises. We started asking questions of whatever was making the sounds to see if we could communicate with it. Through all of our questioning it seemed that it was female. She was looking for a nurse for some reason. It was also communicated that there was more than one spirit. Then the noises stopped and I felt cold air rush past me. After the air passed there was a very loud noise at the end of the hall right behind me like it had gone into the stairwell. Logan got up to investigate and I stayed where I was. I felt incredible sadness and could not help tears from falling down my face. The knocking started back up again. The photographer that was following us that night was away from me and I asked him if he heard the noises as well. He confirmed that he did. Logan came back and I told him the noises were still happening. He told me he had heard footsteps going down the stairs. It seemed that there was more than one thing around us and this was confirmation. I kept hearing papers moving and other sounds from within the rooms as well. We stayed in the area until the activity stopped.

In another area of the third floor I kept getting the sense of pain and crude equipment. I had the feeling like the place had been gutted for some reason. It did not look apparent like remodeling of any kind had taken place. I thought that this was an area where surgical procedures were performed. It seemed a long time ago when surgery was more barbaric than it is today. Vanessa told me she thought the rollerskating sounds were really hospital gurneys being wheeled down the hall instead of a child. I think she is right. I definitely feel a residual energy from the time when it was an infirmary.

Overall the building was an incredible place to explore. I was not disappointed at all with the activity. Most of the time when I go out I get
nothing at all for activity and I have to wait until I go through my evidence to see if I got anything. This night was crazy for activity. I have already gone through all of my photos and did not get anything in the way of a paranormal nature. I am going through my audio as we speak. I am hoping I get confirmation by way of evps!

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